ATX Doctor Talks About Heart Health, Buffalo Bills Player

Austin (KXAN) — Dr. Mark Escott, Austin’s chief medical officer, spoke with KXAN on Tuesday to discuss heart health after Damar Hamlin was still in intensive care on Tuesday after passing out on the field during a Monday Night Football.

AT tweet on mondayEscott said that Hamlin may have suffered from commotio cordis.

There are fewer than 30 cases of commotio cordis infection per year in the United States, Escott said.

“It’s a hard blow to the chest,” he said. “This impact can cause defibrillation of the heart.”

Seconds after Hamlin collapsed, medical personnel rushed to the field, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and began working to save his life.

Escott said the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) could increase the chances of survival.

“You lose about 10 minutes of survival for every minute that passes between cardiac arrest and shock,” Escott said.

In addition, Escott said CPR could double the chance of surviving a double cardiac arrest.

According to the American Heart Association, about 7,000 young adults ages 6 to 19 experience sudden cardiac arrest every year. About 20% of these incidents take place outside the home, often on the court or field.

Escott said he hopes that after Monday’s Hamlin incident, more people will receive AEDs at their businesses and gyms, among other public places.

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