Austin introduces a new way to pay for street parking

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Department of Transportation has announced a new payment method for people using paid street parking in the city.

On Monday, the city of Austin announced a partnership with Way.com, an app that allows users to find parking in their city or specific location. From there, users can enter either a parking space number or license plate number, vehicle information, and length of stay.

Monday’s edition of ATD states that this on-street parking access is in addition to off-street parking services also available through the app.

This application is an additional payment method controlled by the city. ATD also uses Park ATX, an account system where users can pay for parking in certain parking areas in the city.

A spokesperson for ATD said Tuesday Way.com is not intended to replace the Park ATX app and users can continue to use both options as payment methods.

A department spokesperson said they are aware of a “small number” of users of the Park ATX app who have had issues with the app, mostly due to payment financing. The spokesperson added that the city has been working with the app’s developer, Passport, to address these concerns.

“There is no single source of the problem as most problems tend to be due to user error (e.g. incorrect card numbers entered, previously rejected payment notifications),” the spokesperson said in a statement emailed to KXAN. “There are some issues with Apple Pay for some users that Passport is aware of and is making changes to address these issues. Other payment options are still available if the user is experiencing problems with the Apple Pay feature in the Park ATX app.”

In addition to the two apps offered, residents can also pay with coins and credit and debit cards at payment stations.

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