Bartlett ISD delays student return date due to water damage

BARTLETT, TX (KWTX) – Damage caused by a recent arctic explosion has forced Bartlett ISD to push back the start of classes two days ago. The first day was originally supposed to be Tuesday, but the district has now announced that students will return on Thursday.

As a result of an arctic explosion, a hot water line broke through in the kitchen of the school cafeteria. Crews have since removed the damaged insulation inside the walls.

The District Superintendent estimates that Theodore Clevenger believes that a water main failure would cost the county thousands of dollars. Clevenger said there was about an inch of water in the dining room and kitchen.

“It’s one of the last things you want to see when you walk through your buildings,” he said.

At Christmas, the superintendent was inspecting the K-12 school when he noticed all the water. He said his first reaction was to call for help.

“Most of the workforce was dispersed,” Clevenger said. “It wasn’t until a few days after Christmas that we had people.”

Local contractors were overwhelmed with repairs following the Arctic explosion, causing delays. Bartlett ISD uses the school cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“When you start looking at the logistics of exactly how it will happen and in a timely manner, really, that’s really what a delayed start comes down to,” he said.

Clevenger said there’s a chance these repairs could take longer than Thursday, but he’s willing to do his best to serve his students when they return.

“If I have to be outside at the grill, I will,” he said.

Bartlett ISD won’t have to make up school days because they already have extra days before their calendar. Both Tuesday and Wednesday turned into professional development days for employees.

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