Best Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets 2023: Delicious Treats for Everyone You Love

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What could be better than one gift for Valentine’s Day? A basket full of Valentine’s Day gifts, of course. Along with Easter and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays perfect for giving gift baskets to your loved one, whether it’s mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse.

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It’s not just sweets and roses. There are many gift baskets filled with all sorts of goodies, including candies, cold cuts, cheeses, and pastries. There’s nothing like getting a basket full of delicious treats to show someone how much you care about them. Here are the best Valentine’s Day gift baskets available right now.

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The Best Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day

Below are some of the best buckets, baskets and tins filled to the brim with delicious treats.

1. For sweet and savory treats: the Harry and David Deluxe Valentine’s Day Basket.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Harry and David Deluxe Valentine's Day Basket

As in love, sometimes it’s hard to commit. In this Harry and David Deluxe Valentine’s Day Basket you’ll find savory snacks and sweet treats to satisfy every taste craving. In addition to an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, this basket contains Moose Munch Popcorn, Gummy Peach Hearts, Spicy White Cheddar with Heart-Shaped Crackers, Adorable Heart Cookies, and several other sweet and savory treats.

$80 at Harry and David

2. For snack lovers: The Popcorn Factory Tins with Pop XOXO

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Popcorn Jars with Pop XOXO

Remember when popcorn buckets were versatile? Now dabbling in one is like playing roulette, only with worse odds. Factory popcorn tins with Pop XOXO retain the quality of popcorn tins of yesteryear with three classic flavors including cheese, caramel and classic butter. It’s the perfect treat to share with your loved one during a romantic movie date.

$30 at the popcorn factory

3. To get a taste of the good life: Gift Tree The Royal Treatment Basket

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Gift Tree Royal Healing Basket

Nothing goes so well with good wine as good appetizers, and The Royal Treatment Basket will make your loved one feel like a fashionable aristocrat for just one day. Choose between Californian chardonnay or a delicious red blend to pair with treats including almond churros, toffee popcorn, cashew bagels, old-fashioned lemon popsicles and more.

$90+ in gift tree

4. For Cookie Monsters: Cheryl’s Cookies Valentine’s Day Gift Basket.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Cheryl's Cookie Gift Basket

Has anyone in history ever turned down a cookie? It’s an almost universal favorite treat, and this Valentine’s Day gift basket from Cheryl’s Cookies is hard to beat. It’s filled with treats, including 15 shortbread heart snacks, six foil-wrapped chocolates, two buttercream frosting figurines, two red heart cutouts with buttercream frosting, two heart-shaped shortbread cookies, two fondant brownies, cookies for cake “Red velvet” and buttercream. glazed biscuits and cream biscuits.

$40 at Cheryl’s Cookies

5. For the sweet tooth: Best of Dylan’s Candy Bar

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Best of Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar Boutique has prepared the perfect gift basket for the loved one in your life with a candy stash. This gift basket includes some of Dylan’s best offerings, including malt balls, peanut butter cups, sour candies, and even a couple of chocolate bars.

$75 at Dylan’s candy bar

6. For Shopaholic Lovers: Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, if chocolate is really worth eating. Chocolate boxes of impulsive shopping at the checkout will only end in tears. This Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket is full of gourmet chocolate goodies including bars, truffles, caramel and even coffee.

$90 on Amazon

7. For perfect picnics: choose gourmet charcuterie and cheese basket.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Sausage Tree Gift Basket and Gourmet Cheese Basket

There are almost countless meat and cheese boxes available online and offline, but Select Charcuterie and Gourmet Cheese Hamper stand out from the rest. The exquisite Spanish cold cuts, handmade cheeses and toppings included in this box are lovingly packaged in an adorable basket that you can always use for picnics.

200 dollars in a gift tree

8. For coffee lovers: Coffee Beanery Indulgent Coffee Selection gift basket

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Indulgent Coffee Selection Coffee Beverage Gift Basket

Serious coffee drinkers will settle for nothing but the very best. This aptly named Coffee Beanery’s Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Basket contains 12 sachets of the finest and tastiest roasts in flavors including Chocolate Raspberry and English Toffee.

$41 on Amazon

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

Boxes are another fantastic delivery system for Valentine’s Day gifts, especially as they are a bit easier to deliver than baskets.

9. For Toast-worthy Treats: With Love La Marca Gift Box

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Love Champagne Gift Box La Maria

Lots of treat boxes go great with a tall glass of champagne, but this Valentine’s Day gift box saves you the hassle of going to the booze section. In addition to biscuits, cheese and S’more Grahams crackers, this box contains a bottle of La Marca Prosecco. There’s even a bottle of Raspberry Mule Mixer if you prefer a sweet and hearty smoothie. Your loved one will likely benefit greatly from the adorable magnetic gift box they will appear in after the treat has been eaten.

$90 in gourmet gift boxes

10. For a romantic brunch: Wolferman’s Bakery Eggs Benedict Egg Box

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Wolferman's Bakery Eggs Benedict Egg Box

The combination of boiled eggs, English muffins, Canadian bacon and buttery hollandaise sauce makes it easy to wake up early on a special weekend. This box has everything you need for the perfect brunch, including thick English muffins, sliced ​​Canadian bacon, and even a hollandaise sauce mix. All you have to do is add eggs and of course a delicious morning smoothie.

$50 at Wolferman’s Bakery

11 For Carnivores: A Man Packs A Dried Heart

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Man Crates Jerky Heart

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. For those who abstain from chocolate, candy and pastries, there are appetizingly salty and meaty Man Crates Jerky Heart. It contains 10 disposable kits for friends and loved ones who want to touch their inner cavemen. Together with the adorable heart box, your favorite predator can enjoy flavors such as habanero root beer and maple whiskey.

$40 in boxes for men

12. For those who love bougie: Premium French pasta from Kayla’s Cake.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Kayla's Cake Premium French Pasta

Macarons are one of the trendiest (and most expensive) pastries that add a touch of fantasy to any tea party. A box of Kayla’s Cake Premium French Macarons contains 12 different macarons that delight the eye as well as taste buds with flavors like galaxy caramel and affogato. They’re almost too cute to eat… almost.

$41 on Amazon

13. For the quirky: Valentine’s Day gift box

Best Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

Share your love this Valentine’s Day with a gorgeous gift box full of treats from Williams Sonoma. In this Valentine’s Day gift box, they’ll find a delicious assortment of chocolates, including heart-shaped lollipops, heart-shaped chocolates filled with creamy caramel, white chocolate hearts with sweet writing, and Zoe’s premium dark chocolate bar.

$50 at Williams Sonoma

14. For tea lovers: Harney and Sons Silken Sachets Tea tea gift set.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Harney and Sons Silken Sachets Tea Gift Set

Drinking good tea can be as much of a revelation as good coffee or even good wine. The Harney and Sons Silken Sachets tea gift set consists of 32 premium quality tea bags handpicked by the best tea suppliers. Like any great gift box, it serves as a practical storage solution for tea in the future.

$33 on Amazon

15 For Otaku: Sakura Box Snacks and Candy

Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: Sakura Box Snacks & Candies

Japanese treats, both sweet and savory, are unique at their best. For Japan-obsessed lovers, opening a Sakura Box of Snacks and Candy is almost as fun as a day at the Akihabara arcade. This box contains an assortment of 30 treats including gummies, bubble gum, chocolate bars, and even chips.

$24 on Amazon

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