Boeing ordered to prosecute Max’s crash

DALLAS (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that Boeing Co. charged with a felony in connection with the crash of two 737 Max aircraft. The ruling threatens to sever an agreement Boeing made to avoid prosecution.

The Texas judge’s decision came after relatives of some of the victims said the government violated their rights by reaching a settlement with Boeing without prior notice to the families.

US District Court Judge Reed O’Connor ordered Boeing to send a representative to a Fort Worth courtroom on Jan. 26 to file charges.

Paul Cassell, a lawyer for relatives of some of the 346 people who died in the accidents, said: “Families look forward to taking on the company responsible for the deaths of their loved ones at a hearing next week.”

A Boeing spokesman said the company had no comment. The Justice Department, which has fought against the reopening of the settlement, did not immediately comment.

Last year, O’Connor ruled that relatives of plane crash victims were crime victims under federal law and should have been consulted before the Justice Department agreed to a deal in which Boeing paid $2.5 billion to avoid prosecution. in a federal regulatory fraud case. who approved the 737 Max.

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