Boeing to appear in court over crash of two Max planes

FORT WORTH, TX (AP) — Boeing officials and relatives of some of the passengers killed in the two Boeing 737 Max crashes will meet face-to-face in a Texas courtroom Thursday, where the aerospace giant will face criminal charges. which, in his opinion, he decided two years ago.

In a brief letter filed on Wednesday, lawyers for the families accused Boeing of committing “the deadliest corporate crime in U.S. history.”

The family members were never consulted before Boeing made a deal with the US Department of Justice to avoid prosecution for fraud. Up to a dozen or so people from several countries are expected to testify about how they have been affected by the loss of loved ones.

The arraignment will consist of two main stages: Boeing will file a guilty plea, and then the relatives of the passengers will ask the court to impose conditions on Boeing in the same way as any defendant in a criminal case.

On Wednesday, the families said those terms should include a court-selected monitor to assess whether Boeing is building a culture of safety and ethics – as it promised the government – and that its steps to do so should be made public.

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