Bols, Golden: In this Cinderella story, the TCU storybook season is unlikely to end happily.

As college football prepares to wrap up its season and the NFL playoffs prepare to warm up, we’re taking our time to review TCU’s present and future, nitpick Texas basketball, question Jimbo Fischer, and along the way, to fix the college’s transfer portal. football and the entire student basketball season:

1. Will TCU fulfill its Herculean mission and knock out Georgia on Monday night?

Bols: Alas, there will be no frogs. I really hope I’m wrong, because I always root for the league I cover. But I’m afraid the bubble will burst and the Bulldogs will get their second wind after the Ohio State panic and play their very big potential in a 45-24 Nutty win.

Gold: No, but that doesn’t mean The Horned Frogs is no longer one of the best sports stories of the season. Sonny Dykes is arguably the most popular coach in America, and defenseman Max Duggan is one of the country’s most inspiring players. The Bulldogs probably should have lost to Ohio State, but I expect them not to make the mistake Michigan did of overlooking the frogs. I’m taking Georgia on a 38-20 replay.

2. Check out the late Cliff Gustafson’s top 5 players.

Bols: This is not an easy task. But in the top five, I would include third baseman Keith Moreland (the best hitter in college baseball), Bert Hooton (one of the best pitchers in the history of the game), Greg Swindell (winner of 43 games and the best lefty pitcher in Texas). ever), two-sided star Brooks Kischnik (two-time Dick Howser Trophy winner) and stellar shortstop Spike Owen.

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