Bols: If Texas is going to succeed, Longhorns will have to reopen their defense

  • Texas may well lose its head coach for good, and now it must rediscover its defensive identity after losing 116-103 to Kansas State.
  • If Rodney Terry has any chance of taking over as head coach, which is likely to open up, he should fix his defense and go deep in March.
  • The Longhorns made defense their calling card, but in one dreadful performance against the Wildcats, their kenpom.com rating for defensive performance dropped from 13th to 38th.

First, Texas lost a coach.

Then he lost his individuality.

Or at least lost it for one night.

The Longhorns men’s basketball team, which finished in sixth place, may never regain the top spot, with the dismissal of head coach Chris Byrd that seems almost a fait accompli. But the team, which has already overtaken Gonzaga and Creighton in the top 10 this season, will have to rediscover its signature claustrophobic defense if it plans to live up to and capitalize on its status as one of the best teams in college basketball. stellar season.

The responsibility falls largely on acting head coach Rodney Terry, who was doing a brilliant job until Tuesday night replacing Beard, who is likely to be finally fired at some point this month following an episode of domestic violence with his longtime fiancée.

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