Border Patrol: over 300,000 arrests and escapes in December

(Central Square) – At least 225,797 people were detained while illegally entering the US across the country in December, according to official figures from the US Customs and Border Protection released late Friday.

Combining official detention data with preliminary escape data reported by the border guard. received on the Central Square – a record 87,631 shoots – the total number of shoots in December is at least 313,428, which is another record.

The result of December exceeded the record of November. general not less than 306 069.

Some of those caught trying to illegally cross the southern border have done so more than once in the past 12 months, bringing the total number of arrests to 251,487 in December, CBP reported. informed.

The official figures released by the CBP do not include escapes, those classified as individuals who are documented to have escaped law enforcement detention and did not return to Mexico or Canada.

The monthly escape data reported by The Center Square comes from nine of the 20 sectors and does not include Field Operations data. It does not include record flight data from northern border sectors, including Vermontfor example, which has reported a record number over the past few months of foreign nationals flying into Canada trying to enter through the border states of New York and New England, Border Patrol agents told The Center Square.

CBP released the data on January 20, two years before President Joe Biden was sworn in. National Board of the Border Guard, an alliance representing agents of the border guard, tweeted his contempt for the current administration, stating, “Two years ago today, our border was handed over to cartel thugs, and the worst period of lawlessness and illegal immigration in our history began.”

In several tweets, the union confirmed that the Mexican cartels control the southern US border. He also criticized Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Biden called a “frontier czar.” Harris once visited the southern border while she was in office, and Biden visited the border for the first time earlier this month. While in Houston, the cartels’ main smuggling hub in Texas, last year, Harris repeatedly said on national television that the border was being guarded.

Publication photo of Harris, NBPC tweeted“If you were given a job 2 years ago with the express purpose of reducing illegal immigration, and then you sit and do nothing while illegal immigration reaches unprecedented levels, you should be fired and replaced. Period.”

According to CBP data, the number of unique faces found across the country in December was 225,797, up 10% from November.

The 251,487 sightings along the southwestern land border in December represent a 7% increase from November. Among them, 14% concerned individuals who tried to enter the US illegally at least once in the past 12 months.

Nearly two-thirds, 64%, of all encounters with the southwestern land border were single adults, with a total of 161,808 encounters in December, up 2.3% from November, according to CBP data.

About 20% of all illegal entries were processed for exclusion under Section 42.

The number of meetings with family members also increased in December by 22% compared to November; Encounters with unaccompanied children decreased by 6.4%, according to CBP.

CBP officers, border guards, and air and sea operations agents seized a record number of drugs in December, a total increase of 17.5% by weight compared to November. Seizures of cocaine and heroin increased by 32% and 1% by weight, respectively. Seizures of methamphetamine decreased by 4%. Seizures of fentanyl increased by a record 52%.

Contrary to the opinion of the NBPC, acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller said: “The December update shows that our new border security measures are working. Even as the total number of clashes rose due to smugglers spreading misinformation about the reversal of the Section 42 health care order, we continued to see a sharp drop in the number of Venezuelans illegally crossing our southwestern border, by 82% compared to September 2022″.

He added that “preliminary data suggests that expanded measures for Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans are having a similar impact.”

CBP also did not report the sector detentions previously reported by The Center Square, which show the Texas sectors continue to suffer the most.

In December, BP agents in the El Paso sector detained an estimated 55,766 people and reported at least 32,632 people escaping; Del Rio sector agents detained 51,497 people and reported at least 18,639 escapes; Rio Grande Valley sector agents detained 29,471 people and reported at least 2,974 escapes.

Of the nine southern frontier sectors, the five sectors of Texas reported the highest number of arrests and escapes by almost 1.8 million in fiscal year 2022, the highest in U.S. history.

BP agents in California and Arizona also reported record numbers over 300,000 and more than 800,000 respectively in fiscal year 2022.

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