Bowie County finds murder suspect worthy of trial

TECHARCANA, Texas. Bowie County Court found murder suspect Travis Turner competent to stand trial during a hearing Thursday at the Bi-State Justice Building.

Turner is charged with the murder of 29-year-old Jennifer Garrett in a home at 6300 Summerhill Place in Texarkana, Texas on August 12, 2021.

Turner’s behavior in prison was allegedly violent and aggressive, so the state demanded more security and restrictions during the trial.

Jennifer Garrett

Ron Davis, Turner’s attorney, asked to resign as Turner’s attorney due to the defendant’s failure to comply with a psychological assessment and refusal to cooperate with Davis.

During the hearing, Bowie County First Assistant District Attorney Kelly Crisp stated that “there is not the slightest evidence that he (Turner) cannot stand trial. He refuses to obey the authorities and refuses to cooperate with his lawyer.”

“Today is January 5th and he still hasn’t partnered with me,” Davis said.

Judge John Tidwell ruled that inpatient mental testing was not warranted.

Turner’s trial is due to begin on January 30.

Turner’s bail was set at $3 million and he faces five to 99 years or life in prison in the Texas Department of Corrections if found guilty.

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