Brian ISD talks priorities ahead of the Texas Legislature session

BRIAN, Texas (KBTX) — Texas lawmakers will gather in Austin Tuesday to begin the 88th session of the Texas Legislature.

While there, local school districts will encourage representatives to support decisions regarding education.

Bryan ISD advertises the slogan “Kids First, Always”. When the school board makes decisions about what they need from the legislature, they say that this slogan guides those decisions.

Clay Falls, spokesperson for Bryan ISD, told KBTX that it all starts with having the best teachers.

“One of the first items on our list is addressing the teacher shortage,” Falls said. “This is a problem that we’re seeing not just at Bryan ISD but across the state, we heard a lot about it on the news when school started in August and we were looking for ways to properly compensate our teachers.”

Another issue is funding. The School Board hopes that school funding can cope with rising inflation and opposes diverting tax revenue from school property to non-state educational purposes.

As with many schools in Texas, mental health and school safety are big priorities for BISD. The School Board is looking forward to increased funding and resources for early detection.

“Every two years when the legislature meets, we want to make sure we communicate our biggest concerns and want to get their feedback and hopefully get their support, as well as what we think are the biggest priorities for Bryan ISD,” Falls said.

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