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Who likes to watch horror movies at night?

Who was called a “scary (film) fanatic” by the boss?

Who loves horror author Stephen King so much that they decide to name a pet after one of King’s characters?

Briar Reno Fire Captain. Rebecca Marlow meets all these requirements.

But now Marlowe is ready for a new adventure – join the fire department of Briar Reno.

Marlowe has been with the Briar Reno Fire Department for about four years, having previously worked in emergency medical services in the Fort Worth area.

“I have many relatives who work in the medical field, and at first I was interested in rescue work,” she said. “I started with EMS and then I just got into a fire (safety work).”

Marlowe said that working in emergency medical services and firefighting go hand in hand. After all, she enjoys helping people.

According to Marlow, moving to the office of fire chief is a natural progression in her career. This promotion required her to attend school at the Weatherford College Law Enforcement Academy for the past five months. She graduated from the academy in December.

“I enjoyed putting out the fire, and then I wanted to know more about what caused it, and so (I) naturally got into the investigation,” Marlowe said.

But arson investigations are only part of a fire chief’s job, she said.

“We also conduct life safety checks on buildings and homes,” Marlowe said. “A big part of that for us is promoting life safety and fire education, educating citizens.”

If Marlowe takes charge of the fire department, it will take the load off Fire Chief Moses Draxman, who must do the job alone. Draxman said he would still be part of the fire chief’s office to assist Marlow, and two volunteer investigators/inspectors are expected to join the team.

“The office of the fire chief influences everything from the development of commercial and residential buildings, to the installation of hydrants and annual inspections, to orphanages,” Draxman said. “We do about 200 inspections a year.”

Public education is one of the main tasks of a fire chief, Draxman said.

“Many people here are not familiar with the need to comply with fire and building codes. And because that community has changed over the years, we’ve become too crowded not to,” he said. “A big part of that is education. This is not to go out and fine people or shut down their business. This is to educate them.”

Luckily for Marlowe, she enjoys the educational part of her job.

“I like that (work) is a challenge. This is new for me, but I also enjoy going out and interacting with people,” she said.

According to Draxman, Marlowe’s drive to learn and her ability to educate people are some of the qualities that make her a good fit for the position of fire chief.

“With our firefighters, she trains them very well and I think she can extend that to the public side of educating the community on how they can fix their business to be compliant and safe,” he said.

Marlow wants the community to know that the Briar Reno Fire Department is ready to help and answer any questions.

“We are all available,” she said. “If there are any questions or concerns, if you ever want to know something, feel free to contact us and speak.”

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