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After the police were called Britney Spears’ On Tuesday, January 24, at home to conduct a medical examination, they determined that nothing threatened the pop star. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed HollywoodLIfe that they were contacted by concerned fans about the ‘Toxic’ singer’s well-being after she deleted her Instagram account. “They got a call from fans around 11pm yesterday because Britney deleted her Instagram and fans were concerned.” Captain Cameron Henderson said before adding, “Out of great care, they did a health check and did not believe she was in any harm or danger.”

In the past, Britney has deleted her social media accounts, but for some reason, fans felt that this time it was more serious and required police intervention. On TikTok, many of them broadcast live their requests to the police for a health check on their queen. “I called because I am concerned about the physical safety of a resident of your area,” the caller can be heard speaking in one of the videos. “There was suspicious activity online and her account has now been deleted.”

In March last year, Britney’s Instagram account was deleted without warning, but a few days later it was restored again. In September 2021, her account disappeared just two days after she shared the news of her engagement with Sam Asgari. However, Britney later accepted Twitter to say she is “taking a little break” on social media to celebrate the proposal. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll be back soon,” she wrote.

Of course Brit’s UK stans are always vigilant as they also played a part in ending her guardianship in November 2021. The “Piece of Me” hitmaker can hardly make a move on social media without their reaction, and if the goal is to keep his pop princess safe, then it looks like it’s working!

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