“Bronco 956” is popular in the Valley online: here’s why

VESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A construction worker looking like the lead singer of Grupo Bronco has gone viral on social media in recent weeks as residents of the Rio Grande Valley helped make him and his unique dance moves a viral sensation.

The name and hashtag “Bronco 956” have been trending in recent weeks, and the man behind the social media sensation is Jose Urbina, a builder with unique dance moves who looks like the lead singer of Grupo Bronco. Urbina is featured in The Craft in Weslaco. (Photo courtesy of Michael Gallegos/The Craft)

However, with comments mentioning “Bronco 956” on social media, many people may still be wondering who he is and why he has suddenly become so popular.

Known as the Bronco 956, Jose Urbina identifies as part of the working class. Raza and frequents the Alamo pulga. Urbina recently became famous on TikTok for his resemblance to Jose Guadalupe Esparza, lead singer of the Bronco.

The Esparza lookalike spoke to ValleyCentral on Friday about his recent rise to social media stardom through TikTok and word of mouth.

Urbina said that one day someone decided to record his dance moves, and before he knew it, he became a viral sensation on TikTok. Although he said that the public gave him the name Bronco 956, the dance moves belong to him alone.

Mike Gallegos, owner of The Craft in Weslaco, said he saw Urbina at the Alamo. pulga for years before coming across his TikTok videos.

“I heard that he even made a fuss in the free market,” Gallegos said, adding that crowds of people wanted to meet him.

Urbina declared Alamo pulga the crowd has been getting bigger every Sunday for him for the past few months. According to him, this place reached a record attendance over the weekend, and some people were even forced to return home due to lack of parking.

Urbina’s popularity in the Rio Grande Valley allowed him to appear as a featured guest in local bars. Gallego said he even reached out to a local celebrity to appear on The Craft.

Now his fame is spreading on Facebook and social media as well as local hotspots. One post showed a Valley resident spotting him at a grocery store and robbing him with a Bronco 956 for a selfie. In another post, a woman shares a video captioned “Alright #bronco956 #itsavibe #viral he’s living his best life” showing him arriving in a white truck with dark windows onto the red carpet like a real Hollywood celebrity as he shares several dance months and enters the Weslaco Hall.

Many other videos show people dancing with him on the dance floors.

Urbina said his work life has changed dramatically since the Bronco 956 caught the eye. Urbina says his building work is no longer given the same attention by organizing speeches and scheduling appointments.

Urbina is often asked by fans to sing one of Bronco’s songs, which is difficult for him considering he is not a singer. Despite this, the public is still amazed by the local stars.

The #Bronco956 hashtag is popular on TikTok for videos of women showing off their photos and a dance video of a Bronco look-alike.

According to Google Trends, Bronco 956 searches in the Rio Grande Valley have increased significantly over the past month. Urbina has also generated interest from Google search queries from Houston and San Antonio. Related queries include “El Bronco de la pulga”.

According to Google Trends, “Bronco 956” was even searched by Google users in Los Angeles, California.

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