Buc-ee’s breaks new ground in Hillsborough

HILLSBORO, TX (KWTX) – Buc-ee’s is coming to Hillsborough!

The city hosted a groundbreaking event Tuesday to celebrate the future of a second Buc-ee in central Texas.

People are more than ready for their favorite convenience store to be closer to the city and attract more travelers.

Hillsborough residents Haley Mikeska and Morgan Hollis can already predict how long the lines will be once the new Buc-ee’s is built.

“Oh, they will be packed, there will be a lot of people,” Mikeska said.

Area manager Geoff Hand said that Buc-ee would be all inclusive like the others.

“It will be like the rest, I can tell you. it’s 75,000 square feet, so it’s officially one of the largest we have when it’s completed,” Hand said.

Residents love that it’s all in one store.

“Indeed, you get what you want. it’s all you need in one store. the food there is really good,” Mikeska said.

Mikeska and Hollis say they are happy that the place is close and attracts more travelers.

“It will attract a lot more people, like travelers. not only that, it’s just other people. They like buk-i and they’re like, “Hooray, buk-i.” so they wouldn’t have to travel that far,” Mikeska said.

Officials said this was just the beginning of the network’s expansion.

“As you know, we started in Texas, but we’re also growing out of state. every time we open a new store, it’s always exciting for us,” Hand said.

Officials said the store would take 12 to 15 months to complete.

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