Buffalo woman saves man from freezing in blizzard

Christmas Eve during the blizzard 2022 will be remembered for more than snow. This is the day a woman saved a stranger’s life.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK. Sha’Kira Autry was lying on a couch in her house on Thatcher Avenue when she heard someone outside screaming for help.

The man she didn’t know literally froze.

“Tthe winds carried him away. I saw his body and then I didn’t see his body. He stumbled and fell,” she said.

Autry did not know the man and hesitated to open the door for her, but she saw that he needed help.

“I told my boyfriend Trent, ‘Hey, there’s a guy outside, we should bring him in,’ but she said he wasn’t on board right away.

He went outside and with difficulty dragged him into the house, because the man was almost frozen: “Ice balls were on his hands.

She managed to cut the frozen bag from his hands and remove the ring from his finger when she noticed that he was losing circulation.

Autry called an out-of-state family member who works as a nurse for help with frostbite and poor circulation from the cold.

She asked the man for his name and he gave her his sister’s number. That’s when she called and found out that the man Joe White, known as Joey, was from a shelter in the area. He tried to go to work at the North Park Theatre.

Joey ended up staying with his family for two days. She tried to get help through 911 and the National Guard to get him to the hospital in a snow storm.

Frustrated by the lack of response, she took to social media to ask for help getting him to the hospital. Good Samaritans responded, including former footballer Doug Worthington.

Two other men arrived in a truck after seeing the cries for help and took Joey to ECMC. He remains in the hospital.

“He told me in the car and it touched me, he said I was scared. I said that I was afraid too, and he asked if I would die. I said we don’t talk about death.” Taking comfort in having her by his side, she said that Joey then “looked at me and said I loved you, and I said I love you too, Joey.”

Her life-saving efforts did not go unnoticed. Her name, along with her boyfriend’s, is now on a marquee at the North Park Theater on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

There, a worker organized a gofundme to show her appreciation.

“I appreciate it and my family appreciates it. I just paid up front, like the rest of us,” Autry said in an interview with Two on Your Side’s Claudine Ewing.

The mother of three owns Heartfelt Cleaning LLC and works as a cleaning manager for Global Industrial Services Inc.

Joey wanted pancakes on Christmas morning and she made them for him and they watched football.

“He will forever be a part of my family, no matter the color of our skin,” she said, “we must work together.”

We spoke to Autry on Monday and she said that Joey is feeling much better and hopes to be out of the hospital in about a week.

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