Can your dog ride in the back of a truck in Texas?

Drivers can keep pets in the car on Texas roads, but is it legal in Texas to keep a pet in the back of a truck? Although there are restrictions on human passengers in the back of a pickup truck, the state of Texas does not prohibit animals from being transported in the back of trucks.

However, cities in Texas may have laws and restrictions that prohibit dogs from being placed in the back of a pickup truck.

However, cities such as Houston and Dallas have laws within city limits that prohibit pets from being carried in the back of a pickup truck. Drivers in other cities and parts of Texas are encouraged to seek information in other states and cities where restrictions may apply.

The Texas Police Association details pet safety tips. They also recommend not tying a dog in the back of a truck because it could jump out onto the road. In Texas, if a person cruelly transports or holds an animal, which could potentially cause pain or suffering to the animal, he is breaking the law.

Dallas, for example, could potentially prosecute a driver for unprotected transportation of animals. In any case, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends securing pets either with a kennel in the back of a truck or with a harness inside the cab.

If your dog must ride in the back of a truck outside of cities where it is illegal, the Texas Police Association suggests placing your pet in a crate that will protect it from wind, weather, and the risk of jumping out. Tie the cage, not the dog, securely to the sides of the truck bed so it cannot slip or be thrown out of the truck.

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