Cassiano Homes community traumatized by woman’s brutal murder

SAN ANTONIO – Dozens of people witnessed a Cassiano Homes resident being dragged by a car before being declared dead in the middle of the street minutes later.

The people who refused to show their faces said on Thursday that tensions between the children in the neighborhood have been building for some time and they have escalated to involve their parents.

Police said the 28-year-old woman got into a fight with another woman on Wednesday during a fight that involved 15 to 20 people.

“All I remember is screaming,” one witness said. “I saw everyone trying to surround the car to tell them: “Stop, stop, stop.” Like, don’t move. Like, you know, there’s someone under the car. And when I heard that, I picked up the phone and started calling the police.”

For many parents who knew that the victim’s own children were witnessing this ordeal, it was psychologically difficult.

“We tried to keep her children and tried to tell them that everything will be fine. We didn’t know what was going to happen,” another witness said.

Life in society is hard for families and children.

“We are used to executions,” said the young mother. “But it was more traumatic. We really saw it. We saw her laying there. We saw how they gave her artificial respiration. You know, we saw them trying to revive her like it was hard. It really was hard.”

The forensic medical examination has not yet established the identity of the woman.

Police did not say whether charges were brought against the two detainees.

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