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“Catch Me If You Can”

Popular East Texas food truck Catch Me If You Can is about to open its long-awaited brick store located in Flint.

The food truck that has been roaming the streets of East Texas for almost four years now belongs to Amanda Longacre. Expansion plans were announced in August.

Longacre said the idea for the food truck came to him after he was fired from his job.

“I got fired and had $4,000 saved up,” she said. “My current husband told me that I should follow my dreams, which I did.”

The popular Cajun cuisine began with just one crayfish pot and two tents, and Longacre said it’s been quite a journey since then.

A bright red crawfish is painted on the wall of the Catch Me If You Can restaurant in Flint. The permanent location of the popular Cajun cuisine will open its doors soon.

“I started with one crayfish pot and two tents, and I had to get temporary permits from the health department,” she said. “We got a bus that was a nightmare and ended up finding a crayfish trailer from a friend.”

“We used it for the whole season and then we got stuck. What will I do after crayfish season, Longacre said. “I found the food trailer, the one I have in Longview now, lifted it, cleaned it, got the permit, and here we are.”

Longacre said she was thrilled when the building she considered as a potential restaurant came on the market.

“I have wanted this particular building since it was built many years ago and it opened a couple of months ago,” she said. “The man called me and said that he closes his doors and knows that I want it. I have always wanted to have a small home restaurant.

“Life in a food truck is tough,” Longacre added.

Longacre said that while she will continue to take out the food truck that has brought her such success from time to time, she plans to focus on the restaurant.

“I will never get rid of my big green; she’s been through so much with us,” she said. “She helped me succeed. From time to time we will take her to small communities. We will continue to serve.”

Longacre is aware of the abundance of restaurants in the area, but believes the restaurant will bring something more to the community.

“I know that there are already over 500 catering establishments here; some really great places,” she said. “I just feel like we’re a bit out of town and very family oriented. We plan to have some big name concerts there, family events, car shows, bike shows, karaoke, just lots of fun and stuff.”

“We really want to bring family entertainment back,” Longacre said.

Longacre, who works closely with the East Texas Crisis Center, has already met with the organization to begin planning for the East Texas Crisis Center’s 33rd annual auto show.

Longacre said she hopes to open doors as early as next month and can’t wait to serve the community from her fixed location.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without the 17,000+ followers that we have. We have been supported by the community for so long,” she said. “They begged us to get a seat; I had to wait for God’s time, and here it is.”

Catch Me If You Can is located at 18950 Highway 155 South in Flint.

For more information, visit the Catch Me If You Can Facebook page.

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