Cheyenne Lawmaker Working to Create Safer School Zone Crosswalks


Laramie County Republican Rep. Bill Henderson is working to pass legislation that he hopes will serve as a key tool in creating safer school zone crosswalks in Wyoming.

The bill, House Bill 68, authorizes the use of video systems on official traffic control devices to monitor pedestrian safety at school zone crosswalks between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm on days that school is in session.

Drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in school zone crosswalks during school hours could receive fines based on the video evidence.

“We must do everything we can to prevent further injuries and deaths at school crosswalks,” said Henderson. “Raising awareness about crosswalk safety and impacting driver behavior cannot wait.”

The measure — which will be heard by the House Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee Tuesday, Jan. 24 — comes a little more than a year after 13-year-old McCormick Junior High School student Mak Evans was hit and killed in the crosswalk in front of the school.

The driver who hit Evans, 40-year-old Cheyenne resident Kelly Lynn Gaskins, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide in September 2022 and served 90 days in jail.

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