City of Killeen Removes 109 Warrants and Forgives $58,000 in Fines under Safe Harbor’s Warrant Retirement Program

KILLIN, TexasKWTX)- Killeen Municipal Court announced that 61 citizens showed up at the courthouse to withdraw 109 warrants totaling $58,419 during the December 2022 warrant forgiveness period.

During this time, citizens with outstanding warrants could go to the courthouse without fear of arrest.

“I consider the program a great success,” said Judge Chris Krishna. “Now we are preparing to round up warrants to detain those people who still have outstanding warrants.”

Residents have been encouraged to take advantage of the Safe Harbor Warrant Forgiveness Program as the next step is a warrant roundup that will take place in the coming months, city officials said.

“This is a set period of time when officers are engaged in identifying and arresting violators who have valid warrants,” the city said.

City released list of active orders in June 2022 and asked residents to look up their name and share information with others who might be listed.

For more information about this program and Killeen Municipal Court, visit the website www.KilleenTexas.gov/Court.

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