Cliff Kingsbury fired from Arizona Cardinals after 4-13 season

The whispering quarterback whispered, and his intended target yelled back. Less than a year after Cliff Kingsbury extended the 2027 NFL season, the Arizona Cardinals fired their fourth-year head coach after a 4-13 season that included a widening gap with the once (and possibly future; anything is possible) star quarterback . Kyler Murray.

In four seasons, Kingsbury led Arizona to the playoffs once, in 2021, where the Los Angeles Rams thrashed the Cardinals 34-11 in the NFC Wild Card Game and took Kingsbury’s once-vaunted offense to 183 yards. The former Texas Tech coach finished with a 28-37-1 record with the Cardinals.

The writing was on the wall just before Christmas when the young head coach was asked about his time at the helm of football teams. He directed the Texas Institute of Technology for six years and was in his fourth year in Arizona at the time.

“Looks like 100,” he said. This man is only 43 years old.

The comment followed a strange year for the Cardinals and Kingsbury. After Murray’s poor run against the Rams last January, questions arose about the Heisman Trophy winner’s ability to win a major tournament. Anything — many of us just can’t win a Super Bowl — except that Murray recently signed a five-year, $230.5 million contract that, as of this writing, hasn’t even kicked in yet.

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