Company Names: December 23-29, 2022

Suggested names registered in Smith County:

Mark Allen Pluczynski does business as MDK Services

Jada Shari Erwin Doing Business as A1CustomDecks

Joel Cornelio does business as Inprime Fitness

Jaime Fidel Nolivos runs a business called Jamie’s Construction and Remodeling.

Jill Wood Kirkley Doing Business as Conformed Image Press

Julia Obanna Beauchamp does business as Inspired Creations By Judy B.

Lee Ann Reinholtz is in business as Leigh’s Sweets and Treats.

Amy Francesca Osburn does business as KOS Production Services

Rodolfo M. Rodriguez does business as CruiseOne

Leticia Rodriguez Alvarez doing business as Pestanitas

Calvin Hoyt Fox does business as Ecomm Enterprises

Matthew D. Krol does business as the Thousand Hills Cattle Company.

Matthew D. Krol does business under the name Lindale Rentals

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