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Company names: January 2–6, 2023

Suggested names registered in Smith County:

Faustino Cajero Lopez does business as Hidalgo Auto Service

Emily Grace Ackles Goes into Business as Yours Truly Luxury Skin and Lash Studio

Cornicolus Lee Henderson is in business as a cleaning surgeon.

Damon Lee Brooks Do Business as Sav A Lot Moving

Angela Cerda does business as Infinity Pool Plaster & More

Tommy Ray Rinehart Jr. does business as Rinehart Services

Karen Chapman Lacaze does business as 903 HVAC

Isela Garcia Mendoza doing business as JMR Masonry

Gerardo Mora Cabrera does business as J&G Lawn & Tree Service

Armando Cano Martin Jr. does business as Mac Termite & Pest Control

Corey Deundre Ervin Goes into Business as Corey the Mover

James Carrey Calico Doing Business as Calico Boyz Ent Tire Service and Division

Ivan Morin does business as ETX Sanitation

Edward Joseph Johnson does business as Johnson Publishing

Robert Earl Dixon II does business as a DBL XX Pit Stop

John Everett Baker Goes into Business as Full Moon Plumbing

Chadwick Lamar Holly doing business as Lucky 7 Services

Montread Demon Arterberry does business as Arterberry Design and Apparel

Vicky Lynn Hammer Doing Business Like OS Pokey Tyler

Chloe Michelle Simpson Doing Business as Yours Truly Aethetics

Emily Grace Ackles does business as Yours Truly Luxury Skin and Lash Studio

Jubal Elijah Butler runs a business as Jabbs.

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