Conservative Activist Launches Petition to Remove Nueces County District Attorney

A local conservative activist has filed a motion to remove one of the county’s top law enforcement officials: District Attorney Mark Gonzalez.

A 118-page petition filed by Colby Wilts, a Nueces County resident and Texas County Citizens Liberty Director, argues that the two-term Democratic District Attorney should be removed from office as a result of “incompetence, misconduct and insolvency.” give bail.”

According to the petition, Gonzalez “mishandled and managed murder cases, recall motions, criminal discharge rates, and deliberately nullified properly passed laws on his oath.” According to the petition, under his leadership, the local criminal justice system “is in crisis due to backlogs and a shortage of experienced professional prosecutors.”

Gonzalez, who was contacted by the Caller-Times on Monday, declined to comment on the statement.

“I will not be making any comments at this time,” Gonzalez said in a written statement. “However, I will say that we will dispute all charges and are proud of the work done.”

The Nueces County Courthouse in Corpus Christi on June 15, 2022.

Any resident of Texas may file such a petition, which, if allowed by the state district judge, will result in the official being formally prosecuted. State law specifies that removal from office may be considered on the basis of incompetence, misconduct, drunkenness, or failure to pay bail.

How the lawsuit will proceed in court is not yet clear. This may be brought by District Attorney Jenny Dorsey and a jury may be convened to consider whether a suspension is warranted. The verdict can be appealed by either party. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been tasked with appointing a replacement if an elected official resigns.

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