Council to consider rezoning for major development; police ballistic shields

The Greenville City Council is expected to consider a rezoning request tonight to accommodate a planned development called Pinegates Village, which will feature shops, apartments and single-family homes along the 3300 block of Joe Ramsey Boulevard.

The zoning request is among the cases that will be considered by the council when it meets in regular session at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday at the municipal building.

According to the concept plan, Pinegates Village will be located on an 89-acre site and will consist of 135 single-family lots, 15 apartment buildings, air-conditioned mini warehouses, a five-story hotel, retail and office space. .

Also tonight, the council will consider a request by Police Chief Chris Smith to purchase 41 ballistic shields for police use. The police patrol unit can now use two shields that are bulky and heavy and not designed to stop rifle or pistol bullets, according to a memo attached to the council’s agenda. The purchase price of the shields is $91,453 and will be paid for by grant funds.

In justifying the purchase of ballistic shields, the memorandum noted: “Unfortunately, mass, active and school executions have become more frequent in our society. Officers are increasingly tasked with stopping school shootings and saving the lives of staff and children, often alone. A properly equipped and trained officer will be the deciding factor between a mass casualty event and averting a threat to our community. Every advantage an officer can have will reduce the risk to innocent people. Ballistic shields will tip the odds in our favor.

At today’s meeting, the council is expected to set municipal elections for May 6.

The 3rd and 4th City Council seats are up for re-election this spring, currently held by Councilman Kristen Washington and Councilman Tim Cruz, respectively.

If a second round of elections is needed, the date will be 17 June.

Another issue that will be considered by the council tonight will be the decision to award contracts to Tri-Con Services and PaveCon for the annual 2023 street renovation project. The Board will consider a Tri-Con bid totaling $970,427 and a PavCon bid worth $478,718.

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