Counter protest in San Antonio shown by local black transvestite eyes

The December 2022 protest against the drag show at the Aztec Theater was met with an even larger counter-protest that circulated through local and national media, including MySA. But a new video from Vice shows a counter-protest from the point of view of a local black transvestite, Fantasy Queen.

On December 13, 2022, the Texas Freedom Force urged people to protest Christmas-themed drag shows by pushing false allegations from far-right anti-LGBTQ+ groups about the sexualization and grooming of children. The FBI identified the Texas Freedom Forces as an extremist group, and they had like-minded gunmen protesting the drag show.

Vice’s Dexter Thomas Jr. took a peek into Fantasia’s life and their “dressing room” with a wall adorned with wigs showing Fantasia’s outfits, including Jupiter’s outfit from Sailor Moon. But Fantasia also urged others to join the counter protest, and Vice follows them as they deal with a tense situation that also included armed counter protesters.

The LBGTK community in San Antonio organized a counter-protest against the This Is Texas Freedom Force, which was planning an armed protest against a “Transvestite Christmas” at the Aztec Theatre.Jess Phelps

“We have to know how to make a name for ourselves – how to keep the momentum up because they are not going to stop,” says Fantasia. “But we are not going to stop.

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