Cowboys-49ers rivalry set for record 9th playoff game

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — For Kyle Shanahan, the opportunity to coach the San Francisco 49ers against the Dallas Cowboys in a playoff game is a throwback to when this rivalry was the biggest in football.

Shanahan’s formative years were spent watching his father, Mike, as offensive coordinator in San Francisco, battle the Cowboys in three NFC title games in a row.

After lying dormant for more than a quarter of a century as proud franchises rarely succeeded at the same time, the rivalry is resurgent, with San Francisco set to take on Dallas for the second straight postseason when they meet Sunday in the divisional round. .

“That’s how the rivalry goes,” Shanahan said on Wednesday. “Guys, you’ve known this since the 80s when it started. I remember so much from my sixth to ninth grade childhood because I was here from 92 to 94 so it was the biggest football rivalry for me growing up. Then it usually goes away when you don’t meet in the playoffs and we had a big game last year, we have a big game this year, so the more you do it, the bigger it gets again.”

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