Cowboys in the last game against the 49ers never pray

For the second straight season, the Dallas Cowboys—the team that popularized the Hail Mary pass almost 50 years ago—didn’t even consider throwing it into the end zone against the San Francisco 49ers.

The slips of coach Mike McCarthy and the blunders of tight end Dalton Schultz prevented the Cowboys from setting up for something like Roger Staubach’s last-minute 50-yard game-winner that stunned the Minnesota Vikings in a 1975 playoff game.

Instead, we saw a trick play with Ezekiel Elliott running back alone in center with no linemen by his side and Prescott with a shotgun with 76 yards left and 6 seconds left on Sunday.

Elliot was knocked out as soon as he came out of the low snap, and 49ers cornerback Jimmy Ward blew a pass from Duck Prescott to wide receiver Cavontae Turpin.

“Very strange,” 49ers linebacker Fred Warner mused. “I don’t know if they planned to be in that situation, obviously because it didn’t work out very well. We are preparing for everything. When you have players like Jimmy Ward just showing up and (blow up the game) it makes things easier. We are preparing for everything.”

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