Criminal fears underpin celebrations for the start of the carnival season

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans’ annual carnival season kicked off Friday, a week-long celebration of joyful street parties, lavish balls and colorful parades, complicated this year by crime concerns and police attrition that forced Mardi to cut last year. Routes of the parade Gras.

The City celebrated the start of the Lenten season by dancing at the event to the music of a brass band, costumed revelers, and giant figurines of jesters and fantasy characters at Mardi Gras World by the Mississippi River. A cave site is where many parade floats are collected and stored.

Other signs that the city was ready for Mardi Gras: Restaurants and bars began to diligently sell king cake, a sweet seasonal treat; a group of masked revelers known as the Phunny Phorty Pellows were preparing to announce carnival with their annual overnight tram ride along the historic St. Charles Avenue tracks; and Jeanne d’Arc’s Creve were to pass through the French Quarter.

But the holiday spirit has been bolstered by fears of continued violent crime that has been taking place during the pandemic, complicated by the police, who are estimated to have dwindled to around 900 people. This is hundreds less than required by local experts.

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