Dallas thieves stole millions worth of jewelry by breaching walls

This weekend, thieves in the Dallas area pulled off a heist that stole millions of dollars worth of valuables from a local jewelry store. According to one of the managers of the enterprise, the robbers relied on a surprisingly easy way to get into the store.

American Jewelers is located in the Town East Mall in Mesquite, a suburb about 20 minutes east of Dallas. The store suffered huge losses after alleged robbers broke into the store and stole a huge portion of its merchandise.

The robbery took place sometime between the store closing on Friday and employees showing up to reopen it on Saturday morning. In fact, Paul Hash, manager of American Jewelers, told the Dallas Morning News that employees only became aware of the burglary when they arrived to open the store on Saturday morning.

The thieves escaped with about $2 million worth of jewelry, according to the Morning News on Tuesday.

While heist movies usually feature complex plots to evade guards and evade modern security measures, these thieves obviously chose to keep things simple. “They just made a big hole in the wall and went through it,” Hash told the Morning News. “They just cut through the concrete and four sheet rocks.”

It’s unclear exactly when the thieves breached the walls because they also lifted some of the store’s security and surveillance equipment before leaving, according to Morning News.

The Mesquite Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

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