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Dallas Zoo closes after search for missing clouded leopard

The Dallas Zoo was closed on Friday as staff try to find a missing clouded leopard.

According to a Twitter statement, the zoo is locked down with a “blue code” indicating that a non-dangerous animal is out of its habitat.

The Dallas Police Department, along with SWAT, arrived at the zoo shortly after the approximately 25-pound cat was identified as missing to help with the search.

“No roads are closed,” DPD spokesman Juan Fernandez said. “The zoo is looking for it and DPD is ready to help if needed.”

Harrison Edell, the Dallas Zoo’s executive vice president of animal care and conservation, told reporters that the clouded leopard is not dangerous.

“Anyway, she is very nervous and afraid of people,” he said Friday at the zoo gate. “She is more likely to avoid a stranger than to go down and find out or challenge.”

Edell added that the leopard was raised at the zoo and that staff are looking into possible food sources to determine where it might be.

“We have a lot of local wildlife that also lives on the zoo grounds, squirrels and birds,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind hunting some of them if she had the chance.”

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