Daughter charged with killing and dismembering parents in Pennsylvania home

Warning: The details in this story are illustrative and may cause concern for some readers.

(WPHL) — A gruesome discovery of a dead, dismembered couple in Pennsylvania leads to the arrest of their daughter.

Verity Beck, 49, was arrested and charged with the murders of her parents, Reid Beck, 73, and Miriam Beck, 72, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele confirmed.

Initially, police were called to a home in Jenkintown for a health check on Tuesday evening. The call came from Justin Beck, the couple’s son, who said he hadn’t seen or heard from his parents in over a week, which was unusual since he usually spoke to them every day, police said.

Justin later said he drove past his parents’ house and saw their cars in the driveway. He then returned home again to bring soup to his sister, who had previously stated that she was not feeling well.

Justin entered the house with the key and went downstairs, where he saw a body covered in a bloody sheet. Justin told police that he noticed legs sticking out from under the sheet and immediately assumed it was his father’s body, according to the sworn statement.

Justin then went back upstairs and talked to Verity for about 30 minutes. During the conversation, Verity told her brother that things at home “were bad” and that she needed “more time” before calling the police, the documents said.

When Justin returned home, he immediately called 911. He also told the police that he knew his sister had a gun, but did not know its location or type.

Abington police responded to the scene that night and tried to contact Verity, who did not answer the door, police said. They then deployed a small robot on the first floor of the house and a small drone around the windows on the second floor to try and find Verity.

Shortly after midnight, three officers entered the house and immediately smelled a strong smell of decay. Verity met them in the kitchen and the police took her into custody after she confirmed that her parents were dead.

Inside the house, investigators found the decapitated body of the deceased man, wrapped in a sheet, later identified as Reid Beck, with a chainsaw next to him. There was also a trash can filled with severed body parts belonging to Miriam Beck, as well as a garbage can in the garage with additional severed body parts, according to police affidavits.

Later, a forensic pathologist determined that both died from single gunshot wounds to the head. Earlier, investigators found three pistols with spent cartridges in Verity Beck’s bedroom.

Detectives also found the safe with drilling marks indicating that someone had tried to access the safe without the proper key or combination.

Investigators believe the couple may have been dead since January 7, based on Justin Beck’s last contact with his parents and an unread newspaper found in the house.

Verity Beck was arrested and charged with first and third degree murder, making her ineligible for bail in Montgomery County. She is currently being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

Police have not released a motive for the killings.

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