DeKalb DA gives up office in ‘Cop City’ shooting case


EAST ATLANTA, Georgia. DeKalb County District Attorney Sherri Boston declined to review the investigation file and initiate any possible prosecution in connection with the shooting of a Georgia State Trooper and the murder of a man accused of shooting.

The shooting occurred around 9 a.m. Wednesday, January 18, at the site of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center on Key Road, just off Constitution Road, where a multi-jurisdictional task force was removing people from the scene. The site is also known as “Police City”.

The accused in the shooting was a non-binary person who went by the name Tortugita and used the pronouns they/it. Tortugita died on the spot.

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Boston said the soldier was badly wounded in the shootout.

The Georgia State Patrol told Patch Tuesday that the soldier was in stable condition and resting.

Find out what’s happening in East Atlanta with free real-time updates from Patch.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case. The usual protocol is to turn over the case file to the local district attorney’s office after the investigation is completed.

Boston said the withdrawal was due to the District Attorney’s participation in the Joint Task Force.

“The over-the-top reasoning for my recusal is that it’s just the right thing to do,” Boston said at a press conference. “This avoids the appearance of any wrongdoing and is in line with my office’s mission and our efforts to build public confidence in our criminal justice system.”

The Council of Prosecutors is now tasked with appointing a new council for the case.

Seven people were arrested on the day of the shooting on unrelated charges of domestic terrorism. Boston confirmed that her office will continue to prosecute these cases.

The district attorney has not pleaded not involved in any law enforcement shootings since Boston took office in 2017.

DeKalb County Police said Friday that the department is increasing its visibility near Intrusion Creek, including areas near Key, Fayetteville, and Constitution roads.

“The DeKalb County Police Department prioritizes the safety of our community. Residents who see any suspicious activity should call 911,” the police said.

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To request that your name be removed from the arrest report, send these required items to [email protected]

DeKalb DA gives up office in ‘Cop City’ shooting case

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