Denton ISD is considering opening its own clinic, possibly as early as next school year.

After submitting a “request for proposal”, Denton ISD is considering partnering with Concentra, a healthcare company that operates more than 500 emergency care facilities in 44 states.

“Concentra was involved in the work of the local medical clinic. [business] for 45 years,” said Chris Bomberger, the county’s executive director of infant nutrition and risk management. “They’re also based in Texas…their corporate offices are in Addison.”

Bomberger says the doctor-patient relationship is key to successful medical care.

“Many of our employees don’t have that kind of access to a primary care physician, and that’s why I’m trying to provide that level of service,” Bomberger said.

The clinic may open as early as next academic year. School officials say the clinic will reduce medical wait times and improve employee retention. Other school districts in North Texas have health centers.

“If you’ve ever gone to the emergency room lately, the average wait time is three to four hours,” Bomberger said. “Therefore, being able to access our facility, offering services to our 5,000 employees, their spouses and dependents, is key.”

He said having a clinic would also help employees get back to work.

According to Bomberger, employees who are injured on the job can be admitted to the clinic “on the same day” and “return to work healthy.”

School officials estimate the clinic will cost about $1 million a year to operate and could be self-financed, using money already earmarked for health care costs and workers’ compensation.

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