Detective believes suspect was persuaded to do the ‘right’ because his mother was present during interrogation

Detectives believe that Martin Brooks, who initially denied involvement in the carjacking attempt, admitted his involvement in the crime due to his mother’s presence.

HOUSTON. It was terrifying to watch Houston police release dashcam video showing an Uber driver at gunpoint.

The driver did not abandon his car and was eventually able to get away, but authorities said he was lucky it ended up that way.

The incident took place on October 18, but it was only recently that the wheels of justice really began to turn. Two people have been arrested in connection with the crime, according to Houston police. Detectives said a tip led them to Martin Brooks and the minor.

According to police, investigators came to question 18-year-old Brooks at his home. At that time his mother was there.

“It was a recorded conversation. He initially denied any involvement,” Robbery Police Detective Jyarde Nickerson said.

That’s when Nickerson showed them the dashcam video.

“I’m sure the chip on his shoulder that his mom was there when we talked about the case didn’t help,” Nickerson said.

Nickerson said he believed the presence of Brooks’ mother convinced him to “do the right thing (and) admit his guilt”.

Nickerson kept his promise to let Brooks leave after the interview. He went to be charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He was about to arrest the teenager when he got the warrant, but the Harris County 4 deputies took him away before that could happen. Brooks was taken into custody in another case of unauthorized use of a vehicle and evading arrest, officials said.

The juvenile shooter seen in the video was also detained on another charge, police said. The operatives stated that they had the gun from which the crime was committed. Nickerson said it was a real gun.

Houston Police Department investigators are asking Uber to disclose information about the ride’s subscriber. They want it to help solidify their cause. Nickerson said the tip from the community was what really got things going.

“We really love it when the community comes out and helps put these guys behind bars and get them off the streets,” he said.

The crime

It happened in southwest Houston on October 18 when police said the victim had picked up two men from a restaurant on Westheimer Road near Voss Road.

When the men got into the car, they changed their drop-off location to an apartment complex on Westheimer between Fondren Road and Hillcroft Avenue.

That’s when things went south.

A camera in the car shows both men pointing guns at the driver and repeatedly ordering him to get out of the car.

“I’ll kill you. Get the hell out of the car. Get the hell out of the car,” one of the men shouted.

One of the suspects got out of the car and tried to take Dovran’s phone when he said he hit the gas while the other suspect was still in the car pointing a gun at his head and screaming.

“One of them reached for my phone. I didn’t let him go. I held him tight. Another put a gun to my head behind me,” Dovran said. “If I step on the gas and drive away, one of them will be behind us. So at least one guy is easier to deal with, right? Instead of two.”

Dovran refused to stop, honked, and the other suspect finally gave in and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

Dovran left and called the police.

The driver, who wanted to name only Dovran, is from Turkmenistan, serves in the US Army Reserve and said he had received combat training. He never learned to fight armed hijackers, but the training probably helped when he looked down the barrel of a gun nonetheless.

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