Did you know? The Rolling Stone was Austin’s first newspaper.

Austin (KXAN) — When you think of Rolling Stone, you probably think of the 55-year-old monthly entertainment publication.

But did you know that the first was the Austin Rolling Stone?

The Rolling Stone is a weekly newspaper published by William Sidney Porter, better known by his pseudonym O. Henry, in 1894 and distributed in Austin and San Antonio, according to the Library of Congress.

However, this name did not provide the newspaper with such longevity as the magazine.

O. Henry stopped his Rolling Stone just a year later in 1895, then moved to Houston and started a column in the Houston Post, as detailed in O. Henry’s life timeline at the Austin Library.

O. Henry and Henry Ryder-Taylor were the paper’s sole editors.

The famous magazine Rolling Stone was founded seven decades later in 1967 and is still in circulation, plus it has an online platform.

Several libraries in Texas are listed on the Library of Congress website as still holding copies of the Austin Rolling Stone.

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