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DISD Statement of Possible Employee Inappropriate Relationships

From Superintendent Monty Heisinger:

On or about January 2, 2023, the district received information that a district employee may be involved in an inappropriate relationship with a minor graduate of Dumas High School.

The District takes all reports of employee misconduct against students or minors seriously. Immediately after becoming aware of these allegations, the district initiated an investigation into the alleged conduct and informed law enforcement of the allegations. The employee against whom allegations were made resigned, and a report of this alleged behavior was filed with the Texas Education Agency/State Educator Certification Board (“SBEC”), which is the state’s licensing authority for Texas school workers working with students. .

Student safety and proper professional relations between staff and students are top priorities for Dumas ISD. The district has strict policies that prohibit romantic relationships between employees and students or minors. State policy and law require that any educator who has good reason to believe that a student or minor has been abused must report the alleged abuse within 48 hours to law enforcement and/or the DFPS. Dumas ISD strictly adheres to this policy. Employees receive regular training and warnings regarding proper professional behavior with students and minors. The district’s policy regarding inappropriate relations between staff, students and minors is strictly enforced and violations will not be tolerated.

Consistent with state and federal law, and out of respect for the privacy of parties involved, the District will not disclose confidential information about individuals involved or details relating to this matter. Therefore, the district will not comment on this issue.

Please be assured that the school district takes its responsibility for the safety of students and children very seriously. I am grateful for the prompt response, assistance and cooperation provided to the district by state and local authorities. While this employee’s employment has ended, the District will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and VOEC to the fullest extent permitted by law. The administration urges anyone who suspects an illegal relationship between an employee and a student or minor to immediately contact the school administration and the relevant authorities.

Thank you for your continued support of ISD Dumas and his students.

News-Press will continue to follow this evolving story.

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