DJ McClelland Roaring Back From Tornado And Concussion To Lead Granger Football In 2022

DJ McClelland wasn’t focused on football when a tornado tore through his Granger home last March.

McClelland, twin sister Skye, brother Nathan and niece Serenity were huddled in a bedroom in the center of the house when the roof was blown off. It sounded like a freight train had crashed through the front door. The walls have collapsed. For what “looks like an eternity,” the tornado destroyed the house in about 20 seconds, he said.

Fortunately, everyone survived. McClelland suffered from headaches that lasted almost two months. One of the bedroom walls collapsed on his head, causing a severe concussion. In retrospect, the fallen walls protected everyone from the flying debris. A total of 458 homes in the Granger area were damaged or destroyed that day.

This is what was left of DJ McClelland's house after the tornado hit it last March. "It was like something straight out of a movie" Granger quarterback Nathan Tucker said as he watched the tornado blow off the roof.  McClelland lived with the Tuckers for two months after the tornado.

McClelland no longer stops at tornadoes. Instead, he reflects on a wonderful football season filled with team and individual accomplishments. He was scheduled to play in the Dream All-American Bowl this weekend at AT&T Stadium, dedicated to the nation’s top high school players. And this year, he earned a spot on the American-Statesman All-Central Texas football team.

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