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JONESBOROWE — A van carrying Howard’s body for Howard’s funeral service veered off the road Tuesday morning and crashed into a city water pole, killing the driver, police said.

According to Jonesboro Police Officer Alexis Brianna Burns, she and Officer Johnson responded to a report around 1:44 a.m. about the incident at the intersection of East Nettleton Avenue and Edgefield Drive.

When they arrived, Burns wrote: “I noticed that the front bumper of the car was lowered into the ditch and lying on its side. When we got to the car, the officers were in the car trying to help.

The applicant (Lair, Christopher L.) was next to the car.”

She then spoke to Lair, who stated that he did not see the accident happen. Lair saw the car in the ditch and noticed that the car was still running, then he called the police.

“Then we returned to the scene. I noticed Victim #2 (Carmichael, Kenneth Allen) not responding, leaning over the steering wheel without a seat belt. The driver was carrying the body of the deceased Victim #1 (Box, Julia Ann),” she wrote.

“Firefighters and an ambulance arrived at the scene to extract Victim #1 (Box, Julia Ann) and Victim #2 (Carmichael, Kenneth Allen). The power pole that Victim #2’s car (Carmichael, Kenneth Allen) crashed into was damaged and leaned over. The dispatch service notified City Water and Light of the damage. The car was towed from the scene. At this point, I have nothing more to report.”

In a separate Jonesboro police report, a woman arrived at the emergency room at St. Bernard Medical Center on Monday afternoon and yelled, “Help me, I’ve been shot.”

Medical personnel told Officer Wilburn Crews that the woman had been shot in the left thigh during an accidental act of violence as she walked from her home on West Monroe Avenue to a tobacco shop on G Street. She said she was going to her house and her roommate took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Detective Jeremy Wheelis spoke to a witness who told him the truth.

“I then spoke to Witness #1 about the incident. She was visibly upset and said she was worried about trouble. She then said that they were going to Atlanta to visit the sister of victim #1. Witness #1 said Suspect #1 asked her to take a gun out of her pocket and put it in a chest of drawers,” Willis wrote. When she reached into her pocket, the gun went off. Suspect #1 then ran out of the house and witness #1 followed her but stopped in the kitchen. I asked her why she didn’t follow her outside and she said she was just “going crazy”.

“I then asked Witness #1 if there was a gun in the house,” Willis wrote. “She said she didn’t know and allowed us to search her room for firearms. I then took Witness #1 to her home and began to search the room. Under the mattress, I found a 9mm cartridge. I couldn’t find a firearm.

“I then returned to St. Bernard and spoke to suspect #1 again. I told her that I was talking to her girlfriend and I need to know what happened. She said she had a firearm in her pocket and went to get it. She said the firearm had just gone off and hit her in the leg. Then she ran outside. I asked where the gun was, and she replied that she ran across the street to a wasteland. She threw away the magazine and then threw the gun into an empty field. Then she dropped the magazine as well. Then I returned to West Monroe Avenue and walked across the street from the house. I couldn’t find a firearm or magazine.

“Then it was established that suspect #1 was a convicted felon and was under active surveillance on probation. Since she confessed to possession of a firearm and the conviction of a criminal, she will be charged with it. She was also charged with filing a false report with law enforcement under section 5-54-122 due to suspect #1 knowing that she was not allowed to own or possess a firearm and made false statements to cover up that fact.” .

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