Dumas fight showed good results in Kansas

Collegiate wrestling teams Dumas Demon and Demonette took to the mat in Dodge City, Kansas this past weekend. The Demonettes finished second and the Demons third, between both teams Dumas returned home with 16 medalists.

The Demons finished third overall with seven medalists.

106 lbs.

2nd: Carlos Magallanes

113 pounds:

7th place: Ivan Magallanes

120 pounds

8th place: Azriel Reyes

126 pounds:

4th place: Brandon Smith

132 lbs.

6th place: Jonathan Moss

138 lbs.

3rd: Daniel Acosta

150 pounds

1st place: Bronson Baxter

165 pounds:

4th place: Jackson Moss

175 pounds.

8th place: Thunder Mayo

190 pounds.

3rd: Alberto Sanchez

215 pounds.

4th place: Arnoldo Hernandez

The Demonettes finished second with nine medalists.

100 pounds

2nd place: Cereze Guillen

105 pounds.

5th place: Tessa Cook

110 pounds

5th place: Berkeley Funderburg

115 pounds.

8th place: Bob Purcell

120 pounds

10th place: Natalie Keenan

125 pounds.

3rd place: Audi Pichardo

5th place: Alliya Charez

130 pounds

3rd place: Emily Loya

135 pounds.

2nd place: Elaine Morgan

140 pounds

6th place: Dina Ramirez

145 pounds.

3rd place: Andrea Aguirre

155 pounds

3rd place: Jimena Giron

170 pounds

6th place: Vrihana Pisaro

190 pounds.

1st place: Angel Sanchez

235 pounds.

3rd place: Jolie Jones

The Demons will take over again when they leave for Hereford on Friday 13th January and the Demonettes leave for Caprock on 13th January.

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