Eggs are expensive now. Here’s how to save money when shopping.

From scrambled eggs and friend to boiled and boiled, eggs are often an easy meal for those on a tight budget or time. One of these poses a much bigger problem than the other these days, as many Houston buyers have noticed the skyrocketing cost of eggs. Social media is filled with memes about how expensive a box is now in 2023. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics actually agrees with this, showing a nationwide rise in egg prices of more than 49 percent from November 2021 to November 2022.

So why should consumers adjust their budget for what used to be such an affordable food option?

Chickens and bird flu

Since the beginning of January 2022, more than 57 million birds have been sick with avian flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every bird diagnosed with avian influenza or exposed to the disease is killed immediately to protect the remaining flock, leaving fewer hens to lay eggs. While becoming a backyard poultry farmer may seem like a good investment during these difficult times, bird flu is still a threat even to hobbyists. The CDC says humans rarely get avian flu, while there have been no reported cases of human infection from boiled eggs.

High demand

Retailers are still restocking eggs after the holiday rush when shoppers stocked up to make everything from eggnog to grandma’s stuffing. During the past Christmas season, the consumption of consumer eggs increased by 23% compared to the previous year. But demand for eggs is still at an all-time high, which the USDA attributes to consumers shifting to eggs to meet 2023 health goals. Inflation is also a factor when price-conscious shoppers turn to eggs as protein to avoid the more expensive meat department.

hope for the future

Before we phase out eggs entirely, be aware that the USDA has noted a decline in wholesale prices, which should soon lead to lower consumer spending. Inventories are also increasing, with a 5 percent increase in the southern and central states, indicating that producers are trying to meet demand, which is likely to result in less shock shock.

How to save money on eggs

In the meantime, home cooks and bakers looking to save money by bypassing a string of expensive eggs can turn to potentially more affordable substitutes. According to the Pioneer Woman article listing, these substitutes include yogurt, applesauce, mashed banana, and pumpkin puree.

If you’re still intent on shelling out for the shell option, consider what variety of eggs you’re buying. The USDA assigns one of three grades to eggs: AA is reserved for the highest quality and freshest eggs, while A is described as “very high quality”, Grade B eggs have more defects and are commonly used for runny eggs and baked goods. .

As of Jan. 10, the My HEB app has 12 boxes of large white non-AA caged eggs priced at $5.04, while Hill Country Fare, HEB’s more affordable product line, has 12 boxes of grade A cages. – free big white eggs for $4.27. Also keep an eye on the size of the egg you buy, giant eggs are more expensive than large and extra large eggs.

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