El Paso Democrats accuse GOP of ‘tricks, tricks and lies’ about immigration

EL PASO, TX (KTSM) — The El Paso County Democratic Party has criticized Republicans for “only offering tricks, gimmicks and lies that continue to further divide this nation.”

The local Democratic Party issued a statement welcoming President Joe Biden to the border zone on Sunday and protesting a personal letter Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delivered to the president that told Biden to “do his job” on immigration.

The local Democratic Party praised the president for coming to El Paso, saying the trip will allow him to “see first hand this humanitarian crisis and how our community has taken responsibility to help with clothing, food and shelter.”

“Biden and Democratic Party leaders like Congressman Escobar mentioned before our immigration system is broken,” the Democratic Party said in a statement.
“This has been true for decades, no matter which party occupies the White House. This historic number of migrants fleeing political oppression and banditry in Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua and Cuba has nothing to do with the ruling party in Washington.

“We deserve a safe and secure border and solutions. Instead, US and Texas Republicans offer only tricks, gimmicks and lies that continue to further divide this nation,” the statement said.

“The only solution they offered us was their constant support of the wall and the transport of migrants for photo shoots. This is not a solution,” the statement said.

The local Democratic Party also listed the following steps taken by the Biden-Harris administration to address immigration and border security:

* 23,000 agents are working to secure the border and another 300 will be hired soon, the first increase since 2011.

* Removed thousands of smugglers from the streets.

* A record level of fentanyl is detected before it reaches the border.

* Uniting the leaders of the Western Hemisphere to limit disorderly migration throughout the region.

*Installation of modern border security technologies such as automated observation towers and linear ground detection systems.

*Involvement of additional Asylum Officers and Immigration Judges to handle asylum cases with the intention of reducing processing time from months to days.

*Increased support for border communities and NGOs helping migrants.

During his visit, President Biden will also see what additional steps will help solve “some of the most pressing problems here in El Paso,” the local Democratic Party said.

“This is a long project to fix all the problems in the immigration system that has been broken for too long, but with President Biden and Veronica Escobar in Congress, they will have solutions, not tricks,” the local Democratic Party added. his statement.

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