Elon Musk lost $182 billion and broke the 22-year-old Guinness World Record

A week into the new year, Elon Musk set a world record, and not for most posts, the 51-year-old billionaire looks like he’s trying to patch things up with his teenage nephew.

The good people at the company, which has been documenting the ups and downs of extreme achievement since 1955, have kindly converted those huge losses into other currencies. That would be £153bn and €173bn in negative numbers for Musk, though Guinness also notes that some sources say the number could be closer to $200bn. Because I care, that’s 164 billion pounds and more than 185 billion euros as of Wednesday morning, January 11th.

Musk broke the record set in 2000 by Masayoshi Son, the Korean-Japanese founder of SoftBank Corp., who lost just $58.6 billion during the 2000 dot-com crash.

Musk’s record loss comes as Tesla shares plummeted, which have fallen more than 46% in the past six months despite recent gains. Musk tweeted about Tesla’s stock price in late 2022 after investors in the electric car company urged Musk to refocus his efforts from s**tposting to his golden goose or find a new CEO.

Twitter’s new owner’s net worth fell from $320 billion in 2021 – good for the world’s No. 1 – to $138 billion by January of this year. Now he Only the second richest person on the planet. The son has bounced back and is now worth $23.1 billion (I no longer do currency conversion), so there is hope that Musk will skip the bread line and that none of his future 400 great-grandchildren will ever have to work.

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