Ex-cop is executed in Texas for hiring two people to kill his wife

HOUSTON (AP) — A former Houston suburban police officer was due to be executed Tuesday for hiring two men to kill his ex-wife almost 30 years ago.

Robert Fratta, 65, is scheduled to receive a lethal injection in connection with the November 1994 death when his wife Farah was shot dead amid a contentious divorce and custody battle over their three children.

Prosecutors allege that Fratta orchestrated a contract killing plot in which go-between Joseph Pristash hired shooter Howard Guidry. Farah Fratta, 33, shot Guidry twice in the head in the garage of her home in the Houston suburb of Atascochita. Robert Fratta, a public safety officer for the city of Missouri, has long pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors said Fratta repeatedly expressed a desire to see his wife dead and asked several acquaintances if they knew anyone who would kill her, telling one friend “I’ll just kill her and I’ll serve my time and when I get out, u I will have children,” the court record says. Pristash and Guidry were also sent to death row for the murder.

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