‘Exciting things happening downtown’: The City of Waco continues to develop downtown with a new hotel project.

Waco, TX (KWTX) – The City of Waco has announced one of many promising downtown projects; AC Marriott will join a handful of downtown hotels, benefiting visitors and locals alike.

“Things are happening here, a lot of great things,” said Waco Economic Development Director Kent George. “The future of downtown Waco is very exciting.”

Construction crews are working on one such downtown development, the AC Marriott. It is directly across the street from the Magnolia silos, spanning the block between Mary Avenue and Jackson Avenue along South Sixth Street.

With over 1 million tourists visiting Magnolia Silos, just across the street, the hotel will have 180 guest rooms and 330 parking spaces. In addition to serving visitors, the hotel will also have a conference center, a full-service restaurant, a rooftop bar, and shops open to the public.

“We need to add a quality hotel,” said George. “We can add for people who have family or friends coming to town. We have really big sports fields in the city, so people can come and stay, they can look around the corner at Magnolia.”

George said the hotel should also benefit Waco in the long run.

“This development leads to an increase in the property tax on the investment they have made in the land,” he said. “In addition, there is a sales tax.”

Waco will be the sixth city in Texas to open an AC Marriott, after Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth. The hotel is described as sophisticated and stylish, with gourmet food and drink, according to the hotel’s website. It is included in the “selected” rating of hotels.

“This is definitely a more refined product than the average Marriott,” said George. “Of course they have some very remarkable neighbors around the corner, so a lot of people are here to enjoy it, enjoy downtown, eat, shop and really just expect a big welcome from the community here in Waco. and just a vibrant, growing downtown.”

George said the hotel is one of many projects being built in the city center.

“We are very focused not only on the development of this area around Magnolia, but also on how we will connect this development with the river,” he said. “We have a lot of exciting things happening downtown, and then we start planning with our community for what can happen downtown, especially in the areas around City Hall.”

While construction will continue to block the lane at S Sixth Street and close half of Mary Avenue, George said they expect the hotel to be open by the end of 2023.

“We’re very excited to cut the ribbon on this thing and just start enjoying it in our downtown area,” said George.

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