FAA shutdown interrupts flights in Central Texas

WACO, TX (KWTX) — Flights nationwide, including in central Texas, were disrupted this morning due to an FAA outage.

Two morning flights from Waco Regional Airport were delayed due to power outages.

Waco Regional Airport had to land the flight at 6:15 a.m. due to disruptions. Passengers informed KWTX that they were able to leave the airport and were ordered to return around 8:30 am.

Some passengers didn’t mind the more than two hour delay, but other passengers were disappointed. One passenger told KWTX that he canceled his flight to Los Angeles because he didn’t want to deal with more delays and cancellations.

Passengers boarded the delayed flight around 8:30 a.m. and departed soon after. This was around the time passengers started arriving to check in for the 10:33 flight from Waco.

Worried passengers had to leave on time before their flight was delayed by about 40 minutes.

“I’m trying to get to Portland, Oregon today because I’ve been gone for months,” said Gail Chamberlain. “I turned on the news and the first thing they said was that all airlines have closed since last night. I’ll call the company and take the car because one way or another I’m going home.”

Employees tell KWTX that this is just a ripple effect of the morning power outage.

So far, the remaining three flights arriving and departing from Waco Regional Airport are arriving on time.

Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport (GRK) also had to adjust to the nationwide shutdown.

The assistant director of aviation said two morning flights from GRK were delayed, but they expect more delays throughout the day.

“The ground stop has been cancelled, however there will still be delays as the original flights have to be changed,” said Jarrod Provost, assistant director of aviation at Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport.

Flights to Central Texas were among the thousands affected by the outage.

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