FACTS: Biden administration does not ban gas stoves

The Biden administration came under fire this week over trumped-up concerns that it is planning a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

The statement was prompted by comments released by a Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman on Monday that “every option is being considered” when it comes to regulating gas stoves, amid growing concerns about the health of the appliances. In the days that followed, images of the government pulling four-burner stoves from homes were discussed online, as social media users shared memes about gas stoves with text like “Don’t step on me.”

“I will NEVER give away my gas stove. If the White House maniacs come for my stove, they can rip it out of my cold, dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” Conservative Texas Republican Party member Ronnie Jackson said on Twitter Tuesday.

But officials assure that nothing threatens people’s kitchen appliances. Here’s a closer look at the facts.

CLAIM: The Biden administration plans to ban gas stoves nationwide.

FACTS: The White House says President Joe Biden will not support a ban, and the commission, an independent agency, says no such ban is being developed.

“I have no intention of banning gas stoves and the CPSC is not taking any action to do so,” CPSC chairman Alex Hen-Sharik said Wednesday.

The notion that the government might ban certain stoves in the future is not entirely unfounded. In an interview published Monday by Bloomberg News, Richard Trumka Jr., the CPSC commissioner who was appointed to the post by Biden and is concerned that gas stoves are releasing dangerous levels of toxic chemicals, said: “Any option is on the table. . Products that cannot be made safe may be banned.”

However, Trumka tweeted later that day to clarify what he had said about regulating new products.

“To be clear, CPSC is not coming for anyone’s gas stoves,” he wrote. “The rules apply to new products.”

Despite this, news of a potential “gas stove ban” continued to make headlines and social media. Some users, including Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, shared an old photo of First Lady Jill Biden cooking on a gas stove, hinting at hypocrisy.

“The federal government has no right to tell American families how to cook dinner. I can tell you that the last thing that will ever leave my house is the gas stove we cook on,” West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin tweeted Tuesday.

In response, the White House distanced itself from Trumka’s comments.

“The president does not support a ban on gas stoves,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press briefing on Wednesday. “And the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is independent, does not ban gas stoves.”

The CPSC is looking into gas stove emissions and ways to address potential health risks and is seeking public input on the matter in the spring, Hen-Sharik said in a statement. Pamela Rucker Springs, a spokesperson for the commission, confirmed to The Associated Press that she did not propose any regulation on gas stoves.

“The chairman’s statement is clear on what we plan and what we don’t,” Springs said. “Everything that is said otherwise says otherwise.”

Studies have shown that gas stoves in California leakage of cancer-causing benzenewhile another study determined that US gas stoves contribute to global warming by placing 2.6 million tons of methane in the air every year, even when it’s off. “There is compelling evidence that gas stoves emit dangerous levels of nitrogen oxides, which are known to cause asthma,” said Dr. Aaron Bernstein, acting director of the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard T. H. Chan. .

Some federal lawmakers have called on the commission to address potential health risks through regulation, such as requiring gas stoves to be sold with hoods to improve ventilation, or issuing mandatory performance standards for gas stoves to eliminate the health impact of harmful emissions. Some local governments have taken steps to ban new buildings from using natural gas, such as San Francisco and Berkeley, California.

Banning gas stoves is not a “practical answer” to research on the harmful effects of gas stoves, Bernstein said. Instead, measures should be taken to limit long-term use of gas stoves and improve ventilation in kitchens with gas stoves, such as using vents or opening doors and windows, he said.

“We know that gas stoves emit air pollutants that are known to be harmful,” Bernstein said. “What’s harder to understand is how much people are exposed in their homes.”


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