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Fall Prevention Tips for Texas Seniors

TEXAS (KIAH). According to Meal and Wheels, about 13% of Texas seniors aged 65 and over report injuries from falls. These falls can lead to head injuries or hip fractures.

Here are some fall prevention tips from AccentCare:

  • Proper home lighting
  • Installation of handrails in bathtubs and showers
  • Removing anything that would pose a risk to the trip
  • Proper footwear
  • Medication management is also important to prevent falls, especially if they have side effects.

“One example is blood pressure medication, in many cases blood pressure medication can make the patient feel a little dizzy and can cause their blood pressure to drop below normal,” said Jennifer Brown, AccentCare Regional Therapist.

One of the most frequent falls is in the evening and at night when a person goes to the toilet. Fortunately, new technologies and gadgets can detect the fall and send out an alert.

“These life alert buttons, everything they can have. Even your Apple Watch, the new Apple Watch has an indicator that you fell on impact, and it can send an emergency notification to your loved ones,” Brown explained.

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