Family of Central Texas man shot dead by Liberty Hill police call for transparency

Twenty-one-year-old Jackson Lieber of Georgetown died after being shot at RM 1869 on Wednesday, January 18th.

LIBERTY HILL, Texas. The family of the man who was shot dead by Liberty Hill police last week released a statement urging law enforcement to release video of the incident.

Twenty-one-year-old Jackson Lieber of Georgetown died after being shot Wednesday, 1869, with a ringgit.

Investigators say he crashed his car on this road and then broke into someone’s property.

When the police arrived, they said the situation escalated and Lieber was shot dead by an officer. According to Texas DPS spokesman Sgt. Deon Cockrell, Lieber was unarmed when he was shot.

His family says law enforcement has not provided any evidence, including photos or videos, of what happened. Through their lawyer, they released a statement saying: “We have the right to know what happened last Wednesday. Every day that passes brings more anxiety and fear that important information is being deliberately withheld to keep us in the dark. hide, there is no reason to hide information from us.”

The Liberty Hill officer who shot Lieber, named Esteban Gomez-Sanchez, is on administrative leave.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

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